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100 years of Military Museum !

The Military Museum celebrates a centenary

Join us for an incredible festive weekend!

7 and 8 october 2023
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Discover our campaign!

A unique promotional campaign...

To create a unique poster and advertising campaign (worthy of this centenary!), our teams based themselves on a well-known Belgian painting: Episode of the September Days 1830 (on the Grand Place of Brussels), by Baron Gustaf Wappers.

This oil on canvas, signed in 1835, has been recreated for the occasion, this time illustrating many elements of Belgian military history. 

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Relive history for a weekend

What to expect?

• Exceptional reduced admission fees and prolonged opening hours!
• Various re-enactments and animations,
• Activities for adults and children alike,
• Access to all Military Museum Galleries,
• Incredible view over Brussels from the Cinquantenaire Arcades,
• And many other surprises...

100 years of Military Museum in the Cinquantenaire Park... that calls for a celebration!


The story of the Royal Military Museum begins in 1910. On the occasion of the International Exhibition, a collection was created to illustrate Belgium's military past. The exhibition was so successful that the government decided to preserve the collection and house it in the former buildings of the Military School at La Cambre Abbey, under the supervision of Louis Leconte.

After the First World War, the collection grew considerably. Traces of the war were examined for possible collector's items, and the collection grew so exponentially that a move became inevitable. In 1923, the museum was moved to the north wing of the Palace of Cinquantenaire... The Royal Military Museum was born!

Practical information
Reduced Admission
  • 7.5 € for adults
  • 2.5 € for children under 18

Tickets include a full tour of the museum, access to the re-enactments and activities taking place throughout the halls, and a unique panoramic view of the capital from the terrace above the arcades!

Adapted schedules
  • Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday from 10am to 5pm


Tickets available!
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An immersive experience

The Museum will be packed with workshops and events for an incredible weekend! On the programme:

Op the programme:

• Living history: civilian and military life throughout history, etc;
• Workshops and activities: illuminations, patrols, firing exercises, etc.
• Demonstrations of different fighting techniques through the ages;
• Educational stands: archery, blacksmiths, cannoneers, etc. ;
• Fitting and donning of equipment and uniforms from the past;
• And many other surprises!

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Celebrate these 100 years of Military Museum with us!

All weekend long, we're bringing centuries of history to life at the Royal Military Museum. Come and discover how our ancestors lived their lives, in war and peace.

Young and old alike will be sure to have plenty to see and do during the weekend:  shooting demonstrations with projectile-free weapons, insight into civilian and military life, demonstrations of combat techniques, displays and handling of neutralised weapons, and much more!

Visual 100 years _ RMM