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The Section World War I will be closed for refurbishment on April 5, 2017. Thank you for your understanding.


On Saturday March 25 the Great Hall (aviation and navy sections) will only be accessible to the public until 3:30 p.m. The Skycafé will close its doors at 3 p.m.
We thank you for your understanding!

2017-03-11 ... 2017-03-12

The Show Mustache Go On!

Saturday March 11, 2017 - from 7 p.m. till 1 a.m.

Mustache lovers of all countries, unite! Unconditional supporters of the chevron, the Dali, the English, the

handlebar, the Fu-Manchu or the horseshoe variety: for Museum Night Fever the Military Museum rolls out

the red carpet for the nose rug!

When nosing around at the Military Museum the visitor quickly realizes every self-respecting soldier used

to sport quite some lip foliage. A manly mustache indeed was the epitome of...

2017-01-20 ... 2017-03-06

The bunker is open again since February 18, 2017. 

2016-12-20 ... 2017-03-06

In the framework of the 150th anniversary of Belgian-Japanse relations the RMM put together a “Japan special”. You can discover this "Japan special" before or after your visit to the "Ukiyo-e" exhibition at the Cinquantenaire museum !