Conditions for obtaining reproductions

A. General conditions

1. The Royal Military Museum can supply reproductions of items and collections on paper in its possession in view of upgrading these collections and spreading knowledge.

2. The items include all two and three dimensional RMM collection pieces. The collections on paper include all collections on paper larger than A3 size. Pictures are taken in the photo studio: bills, maps, etchings, notices, drawings, watercolours and pictures. A specific rule applies to archive documents and collections on paper smaller than A3 size (see § D).

3. Requests are made through the “Request for the reproduction of collection pieces belonging to the RMM” form. The forms can be downloaded below. Please return the reproduction request form to

4. Requests are handled in order of reception.

5. Upon reception of a request, the RMM will check its feasibility. If the request cannot be met (e.g. for technical reasons), the applicant will be notified as soon as possible.

6. The usual term for realization and dispatch of reproductions is four weeks. For urgent requests (i.e. within ten working days) fees are doubled.

7. Reproductions will be delivered upon settlement of the invoice sent by the RMM. The mentioned amounts cover the rights for usage of digital reproductions.

8. For copyright and all other possible rights, the applicant has to comply with all current rules and regulations. The RMM declines responsibility in the matter. The applicant is to obtain all authorizations from the author, his beneficiaries or the association representing the author. This applies mainly to pieces subjected to copyright (paintings, pictures, drawings, etc.). Copyright normally does not apply to three-dimensional objects (exception made for paintings and works of art).
For Belgium, the organisations mentioned hereunder are representative:
a. SABAM (works of art but sometimes also pictures) : rue d’Arlon 75-77, 1040 Brussels, tel. : 02/ 286 82 11
b. SOFAM (pictures) : avenue Frans Courtens 131, 1030 Brussels, tel. : 02/ 726 98 00

9. Each published reproduction has to carry the caption: “Collections Royal Military Museum, Brussels”, followed by an inventory number, the name of the photographer and the year of request.
E.g.: Collections Royal Military Museum, Brussels, inv. n° 100568, picture John Williams, 2014.

10. Within one month of publication the applicant will put two free copies at the disposal of the RMM:
a. per language in which the article, folder, book, cd-rom was published
b. of the DVD of the movie or TV broadcast
c. per language used on a bill.
Copies are to be sent to the RMM.

11. For publication on the internet: the complete internet address featuring the images has to be transmitted. The person in charge of the website has to mention clearly that the images cannot be used without prior consent from the Royal Military Museum.

B. Requests for publications, presentations or educational ends

If the requested items are meant for publication, presentation or educational ends we can supply digital reproductions (TIFF or JPEG, 300 dpi, print on A3) under the following conditions.
By publication we mean “the reproduction for the public by means of a book or e- book, magazine, cd-rom, DVD, bill, on line posting or use in an exhibition, movie or television broadcast”.

The amounts mentioned include VAT (21%).

1. Fees for pieces and collections on paper, size over A3

1. Charge per digital shot is € 70,-.
2. If several shots of a same piece have to be taken (e.g. different angles, front and back views,...) complementary pictures are charged € 35,- each. For specific shots (specific requests), a fixed fee of € 35,- will be charged.
3. Fees are based on a single use of the reproduction. A second use of the same reproduction (second edition or in another publication) will have to be authorized by the RMM. A discount of 50% will then be applied to the amounts mentioned in 1 and 2.
4. If the reproduction is meant for the internet a special RMM authorization has to be obtained. Each digital image used on the internet will be charged € 70,- in addition to the amounts mentioned above. This surcharge is to be paid annually for as long as the pictures are present on the internet.
5. If the reproduction is used on the cover or on a bill, each image is charged € 350,-. A repeated use benefits from a 50% discount.
6. If the reproduction concerns educational ends, i.e. a publication without commercial ends, the amounts mentioned above will benefit from a 50% discount. The decision whether or not to apply the discount lies with the RMM.

C. Requests for research or for private ends

If the reproductions are needed for research or private use, we can supply low resolution images (JPEG, 72 dpi, print on A5). The use on internet is not considered as a private use.

A 50% discount is applied to all amounts mentioned above (B1.1andB1.2).

The applicant commits to not making the digital images public or not passing them on to a third party.

D. Requests for archive funds and collections on paper, size A3 or smaller Specific rules apply to archive documents and collection on paper size A3 or smaller.

1. Visitors can photocopy archive documents, books, magazines, pictures, etc. (fees: € 2.5 for 10 copies; € 5.5 for 25; € 8.5 for 50 and € 16 for 100). No specific request has to be made.

2. With the acquisition of a reader’s card and a small fee it is possible to make pictures of texts using a personal digital appliance (not for pictures, prints, maps, etc.). The use of a personal scanner is not permitted.

3. For a professional shot of these collections on paper (size A3 or smaller) fees mentioned above (see § B) are reduced by 50%. Discounts cannot be cumulated.

4. Following fee is applicable to archives: per document (size A3 or smaller) :€ 15,- for publication, € 10,- for personal use. If the documents are larger than A3 size: fees for objects (see above § B).