National holiday : Participate in Peacekeeper and win a fun prize!

July 21 is the national holiday, which of course features the Party in the Park. Peacekeeper, an adventurous War Heritage Institute game, is once again on the cards!
Participate and discover how Defence trains its soldiers before they leave for peacekeeping operations abroad.
Come and see us at booth n° 22 of the War Heritage Institute. The adventure begins as soon as you have registered. Armed with a marching order and a camouflage cap, you leave on a mission. You choose seven tasks to be completed amongst the many Defence possibilities!

Your reward
You have completed the trail? At the finish you’ll receive the “Veteran Peacekeeper” certificate and a helmet… and you’ll hope to get lucky in the sweepstake.

Win one of the fun prizes
Peacekeeper rounds off the day with a lottery. If you’re aged 8 to 12 you stand the chance of winning one of the two available military helicopter flights. If you’re aged 13 to 16, you just might win one of the two available Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphones.

You are one of the winners? Peacekeeper will send you a text!

Save the date: July 21, 2017 from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m.!
Registration at booth 22 – War Heritage Institute
Coudenberg – 1000 Brussels