Museum Night Fever : samedi 23 février 2019

Feeling the winter blues? Museum Night Fever tickets might then just be the remedy you need! The capital will indeed once again come down with its annual museum fever on Saturday February 23. True to habit, no less than 30 Brussels museums will keep the midnight oil burning (until 1 a.m.) for the twelfth edition of this unique event.

The Military Museum and its exhibition ‘Beyond the Great War’ take you back to the post First World War years, from the allied final offensive and the Versailles treaty to the reconstruction and optimism of the roaring twenties.

You are in for some roaring fun as well. The Savooi professional hairdressers and make-up artists Delphine and Caroline will design the perfect look for you, a make-over you can then capture in our photo studio. Enjoy the LUCA Jazz Combo over a glass of bubbly or a twenties cocktail. And why not learn how to do the charleston with the UNIK dancers?


More info?

Sandra Verhulst    Royal Military Museum – Parc du Cinquantenaire, 3 - 1000 Brussels

----- - 0471/98 15 80 -

A projet by: Delphine & Caroline, Luca School of Arts, Unik vzw, Theater Savooi.