LIBERATION NIGHT (FEVER) - Saturday 14 March 2020 - 19:00-03:00

Event Cancelled




The winds of liberation will blow through the Royal Military Museum on Saturday 14 March 2020! Our extensive collections and the prestigious Bordiau Gallery are the ingredients for an amazing night focusing on liberation!

The starting point is the liberation of Belgium in September 1944 (also the subject of the new exhibition War-Occupation-Liberation) and LIBERATION NIGHT (FEVER) is the perfect excuse to experience the exhilarating ambiance of liberation. Fashion, games and music will interact with our extensive collections to present you with an unforgettable evening!

The BISCHOFFSCHEIM Institute’s 5th professional year students worked their fingers to the bone all year long to translate their take on liberty into textile creations. Their efforts will climax in a dazzling catwalk show coupling their creative talents and their hopes for a freer world.

ILPALINSESTO takes it upon itself to make you discover the exhibition “War-Occupation-Liberation” in a playful and hyperactive way. Performers guide you through the collections on the lookout for tips enabling you to progress over a board game both intriguing and original. An as yet unprecedented and not to be missed performance.

The ANDREWS BROTHERS are in charge of music. When 3 talented lady musicians meet up with 3 husky-voiced GIs, this produces a detonating cocktail combining jazz and swing, with a bit of peps and a hint of glamour.

For those craving even more, young dynamic guides are available for short tours in the Inter-War and Second World War sections.

The Victory Bar awaits you for a culinary or bubbly stopover before setting off for new discoveries.

AFTERPARTY : 01-03:00

To take things into the really small hours, the Museum welcomes one of the five afterparties organized by Brussels Museums to round off Museum Night Fever’s 2020 edition. The Museum presents a common project by the two Brussels artists LE MOTEL and ANTOINE DE SCHUYTER: a unique, hypnotic and constantly evolving live performance playing on all your senses.