Change of management at the Royal Military Museum : General (ret.) Oger Pochet designated acting manager

On October 27 last Mrs Christine Van Everbroeck handed in her resignation as acting manager of the Royal Military Museum. Minister Steven Vandeput thanked her for the dedication she showed these past two and a half years in the Museum’s daily management. Moreover, she played an important part in the creation of the future “War Heritage Institute”, in charge of memory transmission and the presentation of armed conflicts on Belgian territory or in which Belgians participated. The War Heritage Institute will group the missions, the means and the personnel of the War Veterans Institute, the Royal Military Museum, Fort Breendonk and the Historical Pool of Defence. Creation is expected on April 1, 2017.

To ensure transition the minister appointed General (ret.) Oger Pochet as acting manager of the Royal Military Museum. General Pochet has been task-holder at the Museum for several years and was previously vice chief of Defence.