Breendonk Memorial

2020-05-15 ... 2020-06-30

As of Wednesday 20 May 2020, three War Heritage Institute sites will once again be accessible to the public: the Royal Military Museum (Brussels), the National Memorial of Fort Breendonk (Willebroek) and the Trench of Death (Dixmude).

The sites are open from Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.Till 30 June at least, following measures apply:

Reservation is mandatory, either by email or by phone (from 18 May):

Royal Military Museum:  booking.klmmra@...

Between september 1940 and September 1944, more than 3.600 prisoners were held at Breendonk. Fort Breendonk, one of the best-preserved concentration camps in Europe, symbolizes the suffering and death of all victims claimed by Nazism.

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