The auto-cannon is 100 years old: discover the commemorative album and a life-size replica!

On September 15 the Royal Military Museum presented the book commemorating the adventure of the auto-cannons (ACM), published by the Fonds belge pour le Patrimoine automobile et moto (FSA) / Fondation Roi Baudouin.

The ACM “SRAMA Mors Minerva” has been reconstructed according to the guidelines edited by the International Federation for Ancient Vehicles and was presented to the press and numerous guests. The car is on display in the 14-18 gallery until the end of October. It will then return to the workshop to receive its finishing touches.
he project was made possible through the generosity of many public and private patrons, as well as through the careful work enthusiastic volunteers. Congratulations to all of them!

Be sure to go and admire this wonderful piece of work. The ACM will of course be on display during our nocturne of October 29.