Multimedia Guide

For Adults

The main desk can now supply you with a multimedia player featuring a brand new presentation about the 19th century. The comments, not only enhanced with pictures of archive documents and of collection pieces in storage, but also with film footage and animations, offer a unique insight in our Historic Gallery. If you feel like discovering the Historic Gallery in a more relaxed way, you can also choose between either the family circuit or the family quiz, both highlighting the 19th century!

Moreover, the player also contains classic audio tours with zoomable pictures, enabling you to discover, at your own pace, most museum galleries (except for the Bordiau Gallery). Those in a hurry will certainly prefer the top pieces circuit, presenting all museum highlights in just one hour.

Fee: 3 euros (children) – 2 euros (adults)

For Family, Children or Students

Looking for a fun and original way in which to familiarize your pupils with the 19th century? Rent a multimedia player and opt either for the family circuit or the family quiz.

The family circuit is a hilarious radio play for children, traveling back to the 19th century. Subjects such as Belgian independence in 1830, our first kings and the Belgian Congo are discussed in a lively and good-humoured way.

For the family quiz, the radio play is complement by a series of exciting interactive questions and clever facts and figures! The pupils discover what our Belgian kings looked like as children, how rubber was harvested or which of our neighbouring countries are kingdoms. More surprising subjects, such as the first-ever subway, the 19th century beauty ideal or our present-day e-mail system, are also broached!

For rent at the main desk: 2 euros / pupil – 3 euros / adult
Family circuit (45 min.) – family quiz (90 min.)
From age 8