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War – Occupation – Liberation A new permanent exhibition at the Royal Military Museum

On May 9, 2019 the Royal Military Museum, one of the War Heritage Institute sites, opens a new permanent exhibition about Belgium and the Second World War. More than 1,000 collection items presented over 1,500 m2illustrate an important page in our country’s history.

This innovative and surprising exhibition completes and concludes the display about the inter-war era and the outbreak of the Second World War the Military Museum had created a few years ago and which has now been thoroughly modernized.

As of May 9, 2019 the impressive Bordiau Gallery supplies the visitor with a...

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From January 1, 2020 onward cars no longer have access to the esplanade.

Access is limited to museum visitors' busses and vans, as well as to vehicles of people with challenged mobility.

Please use the electrical barrier speaker phone located at the esplanade entrance. 

2020-02-22 ... 2020-03-01

Come and discover the new exhibition “War-Occupation-Liberation” with the entire family during spring break.
Questions, riddles and deductions call on the children’s sense of observation and reflection. All along the tour the children discover the hardships of life in occupied Belgium, the joy of liberation, the last days of war, …
The answers yield a secret word giving access to a small surprise to be collected at the reception desk at the end of your visit.


Free game trail available at the reception desk, from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m.
Available in ENG, FR and...

2020-03-14 ... 2020-03-15

The winds of liberation will blow through the Royal Military Museum on Saturday 14 March 2020! Our extensive collections and the prestigious Bordiau Gallery are the ingredients for an amazing night focusing on liberation!

The starting point is the liberation of Belgium in September 1944 (also the subject of the new exhibition War-Occupation-Liberation) and LIBERATION NIGHT (FEVER) is the perfect excuse to experience the exhilarating ambiance of liberation. Fashion, games and music will interact with our extensive collections to present you with an unforgettable evening!...